Summer Knitting

Isn’t the summer wonderful? The sun shining makes everything and everyone seem happier. I love the heat, the longer days, the cottage time and just summer in general. Something about this season feels like a vacation, feels like a holiday. Since I’m still on Maternity Leave I’ve adopted this school mind set and now I’m on summer vacation. The fact that my leave is up in September isn’t helping this whole vacation mind set.

A lot of people say that they don’t knit or crochet in the summer. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the lack of time. I don’t usually have this problem. I always have a project on the go. And if by some sort of freakish accident I don’t, I’m planning my next projects.

Summer has always been my ‘catch up’ and ‘plan’ season. I can catch up on those projects that are still sitting in my WIPs basket and I can plan what’s next and what I’ll be making for Fall and Winter and most importantly Christmas.

This year has not worked out quite as expected. Simple foolishness on my part. I have a baby now. A baby who doesn’t care about letting me finish just one more row, or the fact that I’m counting my stitches. Or taking his usual naps so I can get some posts written or items listed. So I’ve come to the realization that my work expectations need to change.

I won’t be able to catch up on all of my project and I won’t be able to plan a lot for the upcoming seasons. And that’s ok. It’s the summer and I love spending time with my little guy.

I have managed to complete some projects and start on some new ones. Here are some projects I’ve managed to accomplish.

Summer Projects

  1. Three Stripes Baby Blanket: The pattern can be found on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy. The finished blanket can be found here.Summer Three Stripes Baby Blanket
  2. Crochet Monkey: Isn’t this guy so cute? So far he’s my favourite. I’m still writing out the pattern, but it should be available shortly.Crochet Monkey
  3. Crochet Rhino: I made this guy with bulky yarn. He seems a little bit sloppy. Once I’m done writing the Monkey pattern, this guy will be next.Crochet Rhino
  4. Baby Sweater: I’ve been wanting to start a baby sweater for some time now. I have tried to create this in a few different sizes, but I’m only knitting the one for James’ size (which is 18 months). Soon I will be looking for test knitters for the remaining sizes.Summer Baby Sweater
  5. Baby Blanket: I just started this one a few days ago. It’ll probably be on my needles for a month. But hey, at least it’s started.Baby Blanket
  6. Crochet Monsters: I’ve been working on a handful of smaller crochet monsters. These are for James’ First Birthday. We’re going with a monster theme and I want these guys to be hanging around. The bonus is that I can give them as favours at the end of the party. I want to have at least a dozen monsters. I have over a month left. So far I’m in good shape, I think.Crochet Monsters

How’s your summer knitting and crocheting?