Knitting Goals 2017

I wasn’t planning on making knitting/crochet specific goals but the more I thought about it the more I liked having my progress documented. Knitting goals (and crochet goals) provide direction when I’m stumped on what to make next. 

Surprisingly, that happens a few times a year. I want to make so many things and I don’t know where to begin. These goals keep me on track and help me to avoid ‘knitter’s block’. 

This year I want more than 5 goals just in case I get bored with the usual 5. I plan on making 8-10 goals. This may seem like a lot but in all honesty I never fully finish all my goals. I know this and I’ve proven it in the last few years. My hope is that with more goals I won’t get as bored and I’ll be more likely to accomplish more than 2. 

Knitting Goals 2017

  1. Create 6 baby blanket patterns: I like this goal and was so close to completing it last year. I would really like to accomplish this one in 2017.
  2. Crochet a set of small monsters: For James’ monster themed first birthday I create a bunch of small crochet monsters to give out as favours. Everyone loved them! Ideally, I’d love to create about 15 and sell them as a pattern set or even an ebook. I would even love to be able to sell finished monsters for some customers throwing a monster themed birthday. For now though, I will stick with creating a monster pattern set or ebook.
  3. Knit Christmas stockings: I started knitting stockings before Christmas and I’ve managed to finish 2 so far. I have one for James and one for Crosby. To complete this goal I have 2 more stockings left. One for me and one for Keith. I have a talent for starting projects like this and once I’m near completion I loose steam. My hope is to actually finish these for next Christmas. I’ll talk more about the patterns I chose in another post because they are awesome!
  4. Learn brioche knitting: I follow @dreareneeknits on Instagram (check out her blog here)  and she has a collection of the most beautiful brioche knits I’ve ever seen. And they’re all her patterns. I’d love to be able to knit some of these items. First I have to learn brioche. I’m giving myself 12 months to learn. And hopefully I’ll be able to knit some of her beautiful patterns.
  5. Make 2/3 throws: Another personal goal. One I want to make for my parents cottage. They finally picked out new furniture with a colourful chevron pattern. I can finally pick a neutral yarn and make then a comfy throw. We’re also getting some new couches for our house and I’d love to make a few knit throws. They add such a cosy feeling to any room. These will most likely get pushed to the bottom of the list but I’m looking forward to having them. 
  6. Create hat and blanket set: I’ve been crocheting some smaller baby blankets for bassinets and strollers. I’m left with a decent amount of yarn and I want to make newborn hats to go along with these blankets. They’d be perfect for newborn photographs.
  7. Crochet a Christmas tree skirt: I’m keeping this goal from last year. I wanted so badly to accomplish this one. Our tree will be in a new house next house and I think that will give me the push I need to finish this goal. Especially if those stockings are finished, I’ll have much more motivation to finish the skirt.
  8. Make myself a Sweater: I’ve been creepily eyeing sweaters to knit from We Are Knitters for quite some time. Surprisingly I don’t have any knit items for myself. Sure there are some scarves here and there but no sweaters or blankets. So this year, I vow to make myself a sweater. And I will love it.

These goals don’t feel unsurmountable and they are all do-able. I will get them done this year!

Happy Knitting,