2016 Goals Updated

Surprisingly I’ve been able to work on some of my 2016 goals this summer. I’ve been able to accomplish more this year than any previous year. It’s been quite motivational when I see the progress I’ve made. It’s slow progress but progress none the less. I have to remind myself that these are yearly goals and I still have 4 months to complete them. So here they are.

2016 Goals

  1. Create 6 new blanket patterns to add to Etsy and Ravelry
  2. Create a simple baby sweater that’s customizable
  3. Crochet a Christmas Tree Skirt
  4. Slippers for the cottage (approx. 8 pairs)
  5. Knit a nice pair of socks.

Completed Goals

  1. I’m working on the third baby blanket. The Three Stripes Baby Blanket (second blanket) can be found here. I frogged the other blanket I was working on. The beige blanket with the diamonds. I didn’t like the look of it and I wasn’t feeling it. As strange as that might sound, my heart has to be in the project or it will never get finished. It’s doubtful that I’ll be able to complete 4 blankets in 4 months but I don’t plan on giving up.Baby Blanket Goals
  2. I’ve had this goal in my head for quite some time. However, I can’t justify sitting down and working on a simple baby sweater when I’m working on other projects and have a severe lack of time. I did manage to start a somewhat simple baby sweater. I may use this sweater as my simple baby sweater. However, it won’t be customizable. This shouldn’t be a problem because I will have future years to work on a project of this nature.
  3. I’ve found a few patterns that I like for a Christmas Tree Skirt. I plan on taking a few ideas from different patterns and meshing them together for a skirt that I love. I still have my crazy must-have list for this project and I believe it’s attainable. I simply need to sit my butt down and get these ideas out of my head.
  4. My mom still has to choose a wall colour for the family room at the cottage. Until then, I won’t plan any blankets. Oh, in case you’re wondering I’m changing this goal. My parents have been fixing up their new cottage and I’d rather make them a nice throw for the family room.
  5. When I first wrote out these goals I thought for sure this would be the one that I wouldn’t complete. I’ve always wanted to knit socks but never found the time or a suitable pattern. Surprisingly in the last goals update I had found a pattern and started a pair. I can happily say that I’ve finished these socks. They’re done.First Pair of Socks

I’m happy to say that my goals are coming along nicely.

Happy Knitting,