2016 Goals – Review

2016 was an interesting (well crappy) year. Our family has gone through a major loss and finding our footing with the new family dynamics has been difficult. For this reason I never planned to do a 2016 goals review. However, I did make goals at the beginning of the year so it’s only fair that I talk about how close I came to accomplishing them. 

2016 Review

  1. Create 6 new blanket patterns to add to Etsy and Ravelry: I was able to finish 5 blankets. I had to take a few knitting breaks with the chaos of the year but five new blankets is still a success. In October and November, I had a few custom blanket orders to complete, so without those I would have definitely been able to achieve my goal. I did start a sixth blanket but I’m only a few rows in and don’t want to include it this year. Maybe next year. The 5 finished blankets are:  New Pattern Three Stripes Baby Blanket review review
  2. Create a simple baby sweater that customizable: I did not even come close to completing this goal. I started trying to size baby sweaters and somewhere along the way it fell to the bottom of the list. 
  3. Crochet a Christmas Tree Skirt: Guys, I didn’t get this one done either. I couldn’t find a pattern that suited what I wanted and as much as I tried I couldn’t come up with my own pattern. 
  4. Slippers for the Cottage: My plan was to scrap this goal and create a nice throw for the cottage.  I wasn’t able to complete either goals. My parents didn’t get their furniture until a few months ago and by then I had some custom orders I had to fulfill. Maybe next year. 
  5. Knit a nice pair of socks: The one goal that I actually managed to complete. I was so excited about finishing a pair of socks that I immediately cast on another pair. I’m still only 10 rows into that pair. Am I doomed to be a one pair of socks knitter? I guess well see what 2017 has in store for me.  Socks

Looking back, I wasn’t very successful with my goals but I do feel like I was able to get a lot accomplished. Next year, I’m going to go in a different direction with my goals. That post is coming in the next few days.

Happy Knitting,