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I was always terrified of buying yarn from a LYS (local yarn shop). I would browse online for luxurious, non-acrylic yarn but would never purchase any because I had no idea how they felt. I had always wanted to buy the expensive stuff but feared that once I started I would never go back to acrylic and in turn bankrupt my family. I could easily spend $100 on luxurious yarn to knit a blanket, whereas that same blanket with acrylic yarn might only cost me $20/$30.

But I had a plan. I chose one item to knit, mitts as a Christmas gift for a friend. I was determined to go into the LYS and only buy the necessary yarn to make those mitts. Then I could decide for myself if I was ever to return to acrylic. So this morning I nervously made my way over to Main St. Yarns all while telling myself “only buy yarn for mitts, only buy yarn for mitts” over and over again. Before I walked in, I was expecting rows and rows of yarn. So much yarn that it’s almost unrealistic and too hard to make a choice. Surprisingly it was a small shop. Only about 10 sections of yarn options. Much more reasonable than I’d imagined. So I browsed and browsed and felt every luxurious yarn I possibly could. And finally with a little help, I chose a Fine Merino Superwash Wool.

Fine Merino Superwash Wool - soon to be lovely mittens!

Fine Merino Superwash Wool – soon to be lovely mittens!

While the nice lady went to the back to get me a few more skeins, I browsed a little more. Don’t buy anything else, don’t buy anything else. That’s what I kept telling myself. But then I felt something heavenly. And I couldn’t bring myself to put it down. So I picked up another skein and made my way to the cash. I slowly felt my will breaking and knew that if I kept looking, I would pick up so many more skeins. The yarn I had chosen was 100% Pure Baby Llama. And oh my are those babies soft.

100% Pure Baby Llame

100% Pure Baby Llame

100% Pure Baby Llama - A closer look at my new favourite yarn.

100% Pure Baby Llama – A closer look at my new favourite yarn.

I got back to the car very pleased with myself. In total I only bought 4 skeins of yarn and didn’t even come close to breaking the bank. But I may be in trouble with the Baby Llama wool if it’s as nice to knit with as it is to pet and run through my fingers.

What’s your favourite non-acrylic yarn?

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