WIP Wednesdays

It’s a girl! My husbands cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Aria, on Monday morning. And although she is only 2 days old, she’s already being spoiled by grandparents, aunts and uncles and handfuls of cousins. Congrats to the new Mom and Dad!

Now onto my current knitting projects. The purple baby blanket is progressing slowly, more slowly than I had anticipated. But I’m loving the results so far. It’s a simple pattern, with a four stitch repeat and a four row repeat but I know that if I don’t take my time I will miscount and end up with weird looking stitches all over the blanket.

purple baby blanket. knit baby blanket

Purple/Lilac baby blanket that is slowly coming along

After I finished the Elephant last week, I felt an urge to create more knit animals. It was a simple pattern to follow and assemble. The pattern can be found here, courtesy of womansday.com, and the book Knitted Wild Animals by Sarah Keen can be found here on amazon.

So with inspiration flying all over the room, I decided to make a hippo. I spent a couple of days working out a pattern for the arms, legs, head and body. I spent another couple of days testing these patterns out, unraveling them and then trying again. Finally found patterns that work (I’m still on the fence about the head but my husband likes it and told me to see how I feel after it’s assembled). So here are the hippo pieces and all that is left if to create the ears. I completely forgot about them until I was about to assemble these pieces. But I think I’ll work on the ears before I finish Hazel the Hippo. And yes you read that right, I named her.

Knit Hippo, Knit Toy

Hazel the Hippo, in pieces!

Looking forward to sharing the completed photos of Hazel. We are leaving on Saturday for a week long trip to my parents cottage. So I won’t be able to post anything during that time (no internet access, eeekkkk). But I’m planning on getting some knitting done, so I should have a bunch of items to show you in about 10 days.

Happy Knitting,


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