Work In Progress Wednesdays

I often wonder how many times I can talk/write about my work in progress before I bore my readers. I don’t want to mention it in every post (unless its something spectacular). But I finish small project within a few days and I often forget to mention them when I tell you what I’m working on. So I will start WIP Wednesdays. I’ll update all of you on my work in progress on Wednesdays and you can also update me on your current projects. I’ve been hesitant about having a ‘themed’ day (not quite sure why) so hopefully I’ll have enough turnaround items to not let this ‘themed’ day get stale.

So let’s start…….

I always have a dishcloth on one pair of my needles. It’s always an easy pattern, a two row repeats, that I can knit mindlessly at anytime. It’s especially useful when my brain needs a break from testing out patterns or following a complicated pattern. This shade is called indigo and its a lovely navy blue colour (even though it looks dark purple in the picture). The yarn is Bernat Ultra-soft Cotton, and sometimes it’s not so soft but this blue is ridiculously soft and it’s been a dream to work with.

knit dishcloth

Indigo dishcloth

I started working on this market a few days ago. I started using a cotton yarn but the straps looked uneven/messy. So I started it over with an acrylic yarn. The pattern is originally knit with a fingering weight yarn, but I selected a worsted weight. It won’t appear exactly the same but it will give me the basic look and feel of the bag to see if I like the pattern.

Knit Market Bag

Market Bag

I’ve had this purple yarn burning a hole in my stash for the last few months. I’ve thought up so many patterns to knit with this soft lilac shade but couldn’t narrow down my options until now. I’ve chosen a simple daisy stitch which will be wrapped in a simple garter border. Nothing too complicated. With my last blanket, I took about a month to finish it maybe even more. I’m not that slow of a knitter, I just kept thinking of other items to knit and would then work on those projects. This time I’m trying to schedule my days to finish this blanket by June 15th. Why the 15th? I’m not really sure, I sort of want to see if I can finish this blanket in just over two weeks.

Knit Baby Blanket, Purple Baby Blanket

Soft Lilac Baby Blanket

Knit Baby Blanket, Lilac Baby Blanket, Purple Baby Blanket

The pattern on the Lilac Baby Blanket. I can’t wait to finish this blanket.

What projects are on your needles?

Happy Knitting,


p.s. Who else is utterly disappointed with Season 4 of Arrested Development???

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